$100 Startup $100 Side Hustles By Chris Guillebeau

People want to know a niche industry, but don’t have the time to do the research or read a book on the topic.

They’d rather have a quick ebook guide or a convenient video course, this offers a great opportunity for an information product Micro business.

Information product path #1: Offer a quick guide

Make a list of 20 topic that you know a lot about or want to learn about that other people would find useful.

Use sites like Buzzsumo or Google trends to identify topics that are increase popularity like food trucks and podcasting were a few years ago.

Then select one topic and create a small three to five-page PDF guide to help people answer one burning question related to the topic. Like how to select the right podcasting equipment, or how to market your food truck business.

The Goal of your guide should be to save people time, money and headache.

Now create a single page website using wordpress.

On your one page side, show your customer that you understand their confusion and frustration then offer your short PDF Guide as a way to relieve their pain install a PayPal Button on the bottom of your page with a money-back guarantee and a testimonial that is a real person who has used your guide and has nice things to say about it.

You can get a testimonial by giving your guide away for free to few people and asking for feedback.

Now spend $20 on a FaceBook or Google Ad to see if people want to click to your website and buy your product.

The goal is not to get rich off this guide, the goal is to experience a few sales and build upon what’s working then reach out to your customers to get feedback and learn what else you can help them with. From there you can make more guides, longer guides that will accumulate to generate substantial profit.

Information product path number two: Offer an online course.

If you want to go straight to the online course route like Teresa, go to a online course website like Udemy or skillshare. and browse subject you know a thing or two about. Focus on niche topic like sourdough. bread making, look at the existing courses and ask yourself, could I make a better course.

That is could I do a better job simplifying the subject.

Once you find the course subject, make a short but useful entry level course to gauge the interest, once you have a few people take the course ask them what more they like to learn, only invest more time in building your next course if you are proven there’s demand.

Freedom and Flexibility only come by providing value to others.

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