3 Trick The Super Rich Abuse

In your head, the most logical way to make money is through a method, a simple method that you follow step by step that makes money.

What you have to have when you’re getting into business is you have to have some sort of edge.

The easiest way to guarantee your business is going to work is your have an edge that other people can not replicate, and it gives you an unfair advantage over other business.

This applies to SEO, Shopify, Amazon FBA, and Affiliate Marketing, it applies about anywhere.

The number 1 way to get an edge when you’re first start off your business and the first type they want to talk to you about is understanding LTV of your customers.


Nobody makes money in their front end, everybody makes their money in their back end.

What I would do is I would spend five dollars acquiring a lead I just go completely in the red but I would track everything they bought.

If you can afford to pay $15 for a $10 sale but you know that you can get that person to come back and spend $100 more with you through out the year, by the way this is what every big huge company does, you beat everybody else in your niche, you just beat them all. That’s the first advantage you must take in the mind.

The next way to make it extremely easy to win is to niche down in an extremely high-end niche and completely dominate it.

Now it’s the final thing you can do, don’t worry about money, get a very frugal lifestyle, reinvest everything back into business.


Understand your customer’s LTV

Understand how to dominate tiny high-end niches

Reinvest everything back

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