6 Reasons Things Go Viral – Contagious

1. Social Currency

The idea of social currency is people share whatever makes them look good.

So anything that makes you look good, smart or cool, you are much more likely to share.

If sharing product or service will make them look good, they will much more likely to share it.

2. Triggers

How are you reminded of the product?

People need something to remind your product

So you need to help them by providing a strong trigger

3. Emotion

When people feel strong emotions, they want to share.

4. Public

Social Proof

What everyone else is doing

5. Practical value

Is it actually helpful?

If you can actually offer someone something that really helps them, they are going to share to someone they know.

6. Stories

Most people don’t care about specification or details, they share story

Is your product a relevant part of a cool story?

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