My Story

I was able to make something from nothing

I grew up as a competitive and ambitious individual

Starting from humble beginnings, I had high expectations of myself both physically and mentally. My vision for myself was clear and this laid the foundation to where I am at today.

I ultimately want to be the best version of myself, to give back to loved ones and experience everything life has to offer. 

With this drive and thinking outside of box, the hustle began. It first started when I was in University of Toronto at age 23, by simply flipping items I had through eBay. 

From there, I quickly realize the power of social media and the internet. 

Since then, I’ve entered into the lucrative world of digital marketing and worked for myself.

During that time, I tapped into my entrepreneur spirit and established an online business which perfectly complemented my digital marking and eCommerce experiences.

On this website, I will openly and passionately share all of the best concepts, strategies, tools and resources that I continue to discover that have made a measurable difference to my quality life, and will for you as well!