Ecom Learning Journal on May 2, 2020

Mindset for motivation:

Every time you decide to wait, do it at another time, it’s for someone out there come along, got into the market, show their advertisement to the customer before we do.

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Toolkit:

#1: The ability to design a compelling website and digital storefront

#2: A mastery of data-driven digital advertising strategy

#3: Visualizing and creating ads that are engaging and converting

#4: Mastery of messaging that resonates with potential customers

What are the priorities that I approach dropshipping business model with?

#1: Treat drop Shipping is a legitimate business

#2: Build a profitable and sustainable business model

Branded Niche Drop Shipping Method

Where do consumer feel the most confident and shopping on the internet?

Brands they know and trust

Your store will have a feel and a identify, that’s what brand mean

Matrix to choose your niche:

#1: You have interest and passion in your niche

#2: Make sure that AliExpress has suitable products for your niche

#3: Your products should be competitively priced

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