F.U. Money Summary

Lesson 1:

What is F.U. Money and Why is it matter?

F.U. Money is the “enough is enough” number

When you make enough money, are you able to say fuck you to anyone, anywhere, anytime including your boss, without consequence.

It’s freedom

How much money you need to make to live in your dream lifestyle?

Lesson 2:

Your magic number

The reason you don’t make that kind of money that you want, and the reason you don’t work the amount of hour that you want is because you have not made it a point to continually increase the worth of your time.

Ask yourself how much money you want to make this year

Let’s say it is 6 figures, so 100k, let’s say you work 8 hours a day,. 220 days a year. That’s 1760 hours a year. Take 100,000 divide by 1760 hours is equal to $57. Take $57 times 3 to get $171 since there is unproductive hours.

So each of your hour has to worth $171 to reach your goal, so why the hell would you spend an hour mowing the lawn. It costs your $171 to do that when you could hire someone to do it for 20 bucks

Lesson 3:

Hit ya’ dig

Have weekly, monthly, and annual income goals, but focus on hitting your dig, or daily income goal, why wait until the end of the month to see whether you’re on track.

When you focus on your daily income goal, that ensres you’re hitting your weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

Lesson 4:

Condition your mind to be comfortable with your F.U Money

Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation so you can become comfortable with the opportunities that your F.U money will bring you.

Lesson 5:

Most of your customers such

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients

You don’t have to start with low-paying clients

You can serve high end client from the get-go if you position yourself correctly.

Clients are replacebale, but your time is not.

Lesson 6:

The market you sell to is more important than the products or services you sell.

Sell things that already being bought

Do not reinvent the wheel.

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