How to become a powerful person | The 48 laws of power summary

The pupolar kids were playing the game without even realizing why they were doing it.

The game of power is just as pervasive in the workplace as it is in our personal relationship, when you think of a powerful person, you might think of a big strong aggressive man, asserting himself in dominating everyone around him, but the real display of power is much less aggressive and much more calculated.

In many situation, obtain power is more about saying less and hiding your facial expressions, the game of poker is excellent example of the game of power, obviously there’s strong element of luck, but in many cases, the person who wins the game of poker is the person who is best able to hide their true emotions by putting on a poker face, they keep their opponents guessing, the reap the reward of control and power.

It is important to understand the game of power is not about deceit and trickery it. It doesn’t require you to be a evil person, in fact, you can play game of power while keeping all of your most important morals, as you begin to master the laws of power and determine the best time to use them, you will find it much easier to gain the power needed to get what you want and deserve.

The laws of power are like a guide and they are meant to be study, keep in mind that the law of power are most useful when they’re applied in situation where power dominates such as workplace and in personal relationship.

At first glance, the law might seem manipulative, and deceptive but once you realize that all life whether you’re playing the game or not, revolves in some way or another around power, you’ll begin to see the laws like a cheat sheet for life, keep in mind that the laws aren’t there to help you cheat at anything, they exist to help you play the game of life smarter.

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