How to build self-confidence ?

We need to break out of comfort zone by setting bigger goals, it has to be a goal that’s worthy to you, so it’s got to be something big and exciting.

Now you don’t have to worry how to achieve your goals, because if you are clear about the goals, all the mental laws begin to work for you.

The law of cause of effect, what is the cause? is your belief, your absolute clarity, about the goal that you want, what is the effect? is the the goal comes into your life. What are you believing? you believe that you must ultimately achieve this goal unservingly, and that belief creates your reality, because you begin to see the whole world differently.

The law of expectation, you constantly expect that everything that happen is part of plan to help bring you towards your goal.

The law of attraction, what do you attract? You attract people, ideas and circumstances into your life, to help you to achieve your most important goal.

The law of subconscious, the law of correspondence, Your outer world corresponds to your inner world of goal setting, the law of subconscious activity, you continuly program your subconscious mind with a clear picture of your goal, and your subconscious mind arranges all your words and actions so that they fit a pattern consistent with achieving that goal.

The law of habit is you think about your goal repeatdly over and over again, until it becomes a habit to wake up in the morning and think all day about your goal.

So all you need to do raise your self-confidence, your self esteem, and your level of attainment high, is to have an absolutely crystal clear goal and work on it every single day.

As you feel yourself moving toward something that is important to you, your self-esteem, and self-confidence go up, you feel happy, you feel powerful, you feel strong, you feel a surge of energy and elation, you’re more creative, all of your best qualities emerge.

How do you blot out all the negative in your life? You think about your goal. Whenever you think about something that make you unhappy or negaive, you swing your thoughts off them, like a searchlight, and you think about your goal, and you talk about your goal, and you work on your goal. Because your mind can only hold one thought at a time, And if you’re totally determined to achieve a single goal, and you think about it and work on it everyday, eventually, all the other things will fall away.

There’s wonderful line we use that says :” when you turn toward the sunshine, the shadows fall behind you.”

When you start to think about your goal, the shadows fall behind you, all the little negatives, begin to disappears.

And if you start to think about things that make you mad, you say, wait a minute, I am responsible. I like myself. I can do it. I can do anything I put my mind to. You just talk to yourself. You become your own cheerleader.

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