How to master target conscious acquisition

Understanding the Three Types of Buyers

Category #1: Impulse Buyers

They constitute about 20% of the market. The consumer spends without hesitation. They don’t feel much pain when making a purchase decision. They are motivated by excitement and limited opportunities. They need minimum convincing to make a purchase.

Category #2: Average Buyers

They constitute about 60% of the market. These consumers spend moderate consideration. Sometime they consider what other alternative and think about which one is the best, they know what their budgets are, they have moderate post purchase pain whereas impulse buyer has no pain. They are going to buy something where they feel value is justified by the price. They are not overly skeptical.

These consumers are just motivated by the excitement and opportunities the same way the impulse buyers are.

Category #3: Skeptical Buyers

They constitute 20% of the market as well. These guys are not motivated at all by excitement and opportunities. They are only motivated by facts, information, additionally the argument why they should need something, why they should buy that thing from you as a merchant.

Target Conscious Acquisition Strategy

Meaning we have a specific target audience in mind, and everything we do is going to gear toward acquiring that audience, not any others. Again, we are target impulse buyers and average buyers that lean toward impulse buyers.

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