How to prospect new agents

Call agents with listings on Mondays (Both current and new ones)

Ask them about the property and if they have any offers?

Ask if you can help market their homes? Can you share the home on your social to try and drum up a buyer? That helps you and them.

When they have open houses ask if you can call all buyers that come through. “Hi buyer I am (you name) calling on behalf of (agents name) I see you came and walked through our listing on (address). Have you been pre-approved yet?

If the home went into escrow (would you like to put in a back up offer?) then you pre approve them.

If the home went into escrow – the home got sold this weekend, but we have other homes coming to market and if interested we can get you in first, and if possible before it goes live. Have you been pre-approved?


Also share with them ACI (agent commissions insurance).

If you are calling agents with our listings, the goal is to get them listings, and the questions you need to ask are” How can we get you listing?”

I’ve closed a lot of purchase loans and I call my ex buyers every Tuesday, I would love to refer you some of my buyers. Would you like to come into my office on days I make these calls, and you can call your past database too? When I bave a buyer that wants to sell and buy again, I can flip that lead right to you live. You can also call your past clients and any that need a loan that are staying put or are moving and need a loan, you can flip that right to me?


Stop taking agent meetings, and start closing loans and referring deals to agents.

Look up agents production before you call, call successful productive agents, and believe that you add value.

Being in the fastlane isn’t impossible, even if you aren’t in the position to give anything to the world right now, as long as you’re developing yourself the right way, you can be.

The more people you help, and the bigger the magnitude of your help, the richer you will be.

This is why Bill Gates is rich and the cashier at your store isn’t.

It’s very simple, Gates has provided bigger value to more people than the cashier has.

Remeber, if you want to be in the fastline, if you want to be able to give to the world, you’re going to have to spend a little more time in the library and a little less time in front of the TV

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