How to reprogram your mind

The highest performers in the world say I need to to discipline my mind to support me even when it comes up with an automatic immediate thoughts, I want thoes to be positive and confident and strong someting that leads me to healthy deicsions for my life. not just things that protect me.

One of simple way to do that is this framework to understand how thoughts develop into strong and automatic thoughts in our lives, I call the framework RWID

RWID stands for Relative Weight of Importance and Duration.

People who have negative recurring thoughts and feelings in their life, reason for thoes keep coming up all the time is because at some point in their life are giving those thoughts, the negative ones more attention than necessarily any other thoughts, in other words, the relative weight that they give those thoughts is quite high and they give a lot of importance in it. And they lasts over a period of time, they keep thinking about those thoughts, thinking about those thoughts.

It’s all that repetition that seals it in the back of their head and now their head says oh this is an easy thing, I know this one and it pulls it forward, so that simple repetition because they made it important and they thougth about it a lot, it keeps coming up for them over and over again.

There is negative thing and positive thing about that, the negative is if you keep obsessing about negative things, your mind will be automatic condition to bring up more and more often without your control, the postive aspect is that we can use that same skillset and that same rule to apply positive thoughts into our own life

We can give postive thinking, postive questions, postive approaches to life, a lot of importance in our life, and a lot of focus on them, and give a lot of duration to them over a period of time and they get sealed in the brain as well, your brain think that is easy, automatically thinks about it,.

For me personally I’ve done this so much in my life that I just have to automatically think about the best possible outcomes and almost everything I do, I used to think about the negative outcomes I thoughts that;s not supporting me.

So how do I do that? Well leveraging our RWID idea, it helps

The first thing you have to do is you have to improve your mind is to take total control of your attention and notice and where are your thoughts right now? On a very continual basis, you have to think where are my thoughts right now? Are they supporting me? or are they automatically coming up negative and self-protective way that are not advancing my life.

Just to be aware to be conscious of what’s going on in your body in your sense of feeling and emotion and sense of the thougth you’re actually having, just start paying attention.

The more we’ve notice what we’ve been thinking about, the more we can interrupt what we’ve been thinking about.

If we just allow that feeling to coming up and you don’t pay attention to it and out life can be very frazzled and very highly anxious, but once we say what’s my mind on right now and we redirect it, that’s where personal power comes from, first awareness right and understanding and the consciousness to what’s going on then the ability to be self directive to choose what we want to focus on.

So we’re attentive to it, and then redirect it, if it’s negative, it’s not supporting, you redirected. How do you redirect it. First and foremost, you just say what would be the opposite of this negative thing that you think about the positive thing and you focus on that and you repeat it to yourself.

For many people that might include closing their eyes, just visualizing a more positive outcome. Thinking about it with eyes close. The visualization of more positive outcome of how things could turn out well or how would the situation could be better or even just what are the next steps I should take. Visualizing that and assigning a high amount of importance and duration to it. Meaning making that thing important to us by making it how do you make something important you give it a sensation, you feel that thing, you sense it, you sense what your next step would be, you sense how and feel that the outcome would be better, how it feel emotionally psychologically spiritually for that thing to allow it to have a lot of emotion to it

It’s that attention to that posive alternative over attention to repeating that negative impulse or thought that gives us personal power.

Each day ask yourself three question 3 times a day: In the morning, After lunch, and when you get to sleep.

The question can be: What can I feel incredibly grateful for it right now? how could I surprise or flirt with somebody right now, How can I have fun right now? How could I demostrate love or excellence right now? Ask your self morning, afternoon, at night.

By ask these positive question over and over, you just do this for 30 days, you are going to recognize a total shift in your life. Just simple question, but you are giving them weight by focusing on three times during the day.

Your mind starts to reshift to give automatic ease an answering thoes questions and living in that mindset versus and undirected unconscious mindset.

Second thing you can do, come up with three words that describe your ideal self. THREE WORD

Mine example: “Present”, “Excited”, and “Bold”

Our mind is also incredibly conditioned by action, behavior.

If you take action on a consistent basis it teaches your mind to do that, so do things that are positve for yourself, take bold or actions, treat yourself I am just going to be confident for no reason.

The more you take action, the more your brain get automatically conditioned to understand that’s what we do.

I just react to bad situation like this, this is how we’ve done it, you can actually conditioned your mind without doing any thought other than just behaving in a more postive manner and solely you find yourself thinking more positvely.

Your action condition your mind as much as your recurring thoughts condition your mind.

So be a person of good postive thinking

Be a person of good postive action and suddenly one day you will wake up, you’re like I Just feel amazing, I feel extraordinary I feel postive and that’s what is feels to live the charged life.

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