How to take a pre-approval


8-10 minutes call

Shut up and listen

Find out their why

Connect emotionally

Make sure they know you have a plan

8-10 minute call

Your call should be short, less is more, leave an impact.

Shut up and listen

Do not tell the client how great you are, how low your rates are, how many deals you’ve closed, or anything else makes you look good. #1 goal is to connect and tell them how great they are, make them feel good.

Find out their why

The first question you must ask is “so tell me why you are looking to buy?” get to the why, and when they tell you their why, go deeper. For example: BUYER SAYS “We’ve been saving for 5 years and want to give our family a home” needs to be followed up with another question LOAN OFFICER SAYS “Sounds like you’ve gone through a lot, tell me what the last 5 years has been like.”

Connect emotionally

You must find common ground, let the buyer know, you know what they are going through. Let them know it’s ok to be nervous, uneasy or doubtful, all buyers including you when they bought felt the same way. If they feel anxious they are feeling normal.

Make sure they know you have a plan

Ask buyer what is your plan, if they don’t have one, you make them one. Having a plan allow you to be their advisor for life.

Here are example of plan to share to start:

Buy a family home and every 5 years buy an investment home with your appreciation. In 30 years you will have 6 homes all rented out where rents cover your payments.

Buy a family home, then buy multi family investments.

Buy a family home, have it paid off in (x) years, then you will help them cut the rate and shorten the terms every few years.

Or Plan or their own.

Pre-Approval first 2 minutes scripted

LO- Hi______I’m more than happy to help you with your home purchaes needs, and I am so happy you decided to start with getting pre-approved. Before we start please know that I am here to help, not help for 30 days, but help for 30 years. I hind the best way for me to help is to get to the big question of: how much can you afford, what your payment will be and how much to put down? Let’s start with questions about you and why, and in just a few minutes I can answer all your big ticket question ok? Before we get started help me get to know how we got here today. Tell me why, why are we here today_________________?

Get their why, then take the 1003.

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