Improve your memory now

How to I have quick recall, how to you have better memory?

I forgot is the most costly world in the business world

I will give you three key to supercharge your memory and retain it

Let’s think of a word MOM

M for moltivation

It has nothing to do with your capability or your potential, it has everything to do with your moltivation.

It has nothing to do with whether or not you could remember a name, it has everything to do with whether or not you want to remember someone’s name.

How do you improve your moltivation

Answer is simple – Ask your self WHY?

If you can’t come up with the reason, you can’t remember

Reason reap result

If you want to learn something, check what your motive is, because motive matters

The “O” of the Mom stands for observation

If you fight for you limitation, you get to keep them

You want to mitigate the negative self-talk

Leader has great memory, because it shows they care

Next time you out there, you want to improve your memory, impress people with your ability to care and remeber them, just be present with them.

Just be present and slient and you will be able to remeber their name

Final “M” in Mom is Mechainc

I don’t mean the person is fixing you car, I mean the tool, the techniques, the recipt, the strategy, the step by step system on how do you able to boost your vocabuary, how to remember you pin number or your passcode, how to give a speech without note, how to learn a second or third langage.

There is no good or bad on memory, there is only trained memory or untrained memory.

All you have to do is remember “MoM” Moltivation, Observation, Mechanics

Having a training memory will accelerate you achievement in every single area of your life.

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