Open House Rules

1. Agents cannot hold open house alone at all times! Must be accompanied by another partner.

2. During open house, someone always needs to be at the door for safety concerns.

3. If agents need to reserve and use company signs, then agents will bw asked to put down deposit.

4. Holding open house is the best way to generate free buyer and seller leads, therefore it’s highly recommended that all agents should try to order their own signs.

5. It is required that agents should ALWAYS ask visitors to sign in the sign agency disclosure. (no exception)

6. Agents must sign collaboration form prior to open house to prevent any future lead/deal disputes and misunderstanding between listing agents and collaborating agents

7. Don’t use black and white flyers for open house, all flyers should be in color.

8. During open house, if you feel something weird or fishy, you should call 911 immediately.

9. No agents should be at any open house alone at any given moment.

10. Agent should not disclose any information about the seller to visitors

11. All agents should always research local regulation and rules first about the area where the open house will take place to prevent any penalty or violation.

12. Agent should read carefully about the sign placement notice and not put the sign in the middle of sidewalk.

13. Agent should be careful about not violating any fair housing/discrimination rules as there will be testers.

14. All open house flyers and sign must have full company name with address or phone number.

15. Agents should not hold open house without an exclusive listing agreement in place unless permitted by broker.

16. If your listing is available for open house for the upcoming weekend, please notify the office no later than Tuesday of every week.

17. If you want to sign up to do open house for other’s listing, please notify office no later than every Wednesday 4 PM.

18. All agents that will hold open houses should confirm property access in advance and pick up the key at leaset 2 days before the open house if necessary

19. All agents must give feedback to LA right after open house so LA can report to seller.

20. All agents should also give feedback to LA after following up with buyer about feedback.

21. If the agents holding opne houses find anything wrong or different, they must notify LA right away.

22. All agent need to confirm with LA in advance about advertising responsibilities and requirement.

23. All agent should not state any unsure or any illegal structures are legal without verifying with LA/owner.

24. Unsure things always say starting with: to the best of my knowledge/based on my experience.

25. Always dress and act professional and not leave bad impression to the buyers

26. Must dress professionally, no jeans, flip flops, T-shirt, and Jerseys etc.

27. All agents holding open house must arrive 30 min early to set up for open house.

28 All agents should always walkthrough the house first to make sure the property is ready to do open house before start letting buyers in.

29. Do not leave any mess or garbage behind you after open houses are done.

30. Always turn off the lights, shut the windows and lock the door after open house is done.

31. Ask the LA in advance if there are any rules pertaining to the open house you’re holding.

32. Open house rules will constantly be updated and agents should review it at least once a month.

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