So Good They Can’t Ignore You By Cal Newport

How do poeple end up loving what they do for living?

It’s very important to ask, because we spend most of time working, if we don’t find the job we love, we miss significant amount of joy in our lives.

Cal Newport interview people who love what they did for living.

He surprisingly found that many of people who love what they doing did not have pre-existing passion for it.

It shows that over the years, when people got mroe experience and more competence on their jobs, their passion grew.

Why people love their work?

Creativity- you have ability to implement your ideas

Control – you have say on how when and where

Impact – your work has positive influence on your co-worker and customers

How do you acquire these work traits?

These work traits are rare and valuable

If you want to obtain them, you need to have rare & valuable skill set.

How do you develop a rare valuable skill set?

  1. You scrape passion mindset and implement craftman mindset.

Passion mindset is problematic – “it causes people to think what can the world offer me”

If the job can not provide them with sustain level of passion, they start looking for the next thing

Craftsman Mindset – “What can I offer the world?”

Cnostatnly improving to become uniquely valuable to their team, to their company and to their customers,

They don’t afraid of lack of passion in any given moment, they know if they want to get better on their craft, the passion will fade from time to time, they don’t ask themself do I have passion on this.

Instead they ask themself “Will I love the process getting better at this?”

2. Take on challenging projects

3. Daily deliverate practice

By quickly adapting these 3, you will quickly become rare and valuable in your team or organization and the marketplace.

In fact, you will be so good that no one can deny your request from work creativity, control over your work.

Because your work is so dame good, you will get paid well for it. And it will have significant impact on your co-workers and customers.

When you unlock these three work traits, you can’t help but say to yourself wow I love what I do for a living.

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