The Fab 5 Framework

This is the framework for designing engaging E-Commerce website

Every effective E-Commerce website is going to include the following elements:

#1: Communicating trust and professionalism

So that customers are comfortable to spend his or her money

Mistakes like: not uniform background, typo, grammar mistakes all ruin this elements

#2: Evoking an emotional feel and sense of identity and what it means to purchase from your business

This is bread and butter in branded niche dropshipping approach, our goal is to create a viral brand, not try to find a viral product or picking a lucky niche. This is what separates you and your competitors selling similar items. We are trying to sell the item in a correct way which resonates with customer subconsciously at the emotional level.

#3 Provide adequate information and transparency to the customers

A good rule of thumb is ask yourself, if I am the consumer looking for this item that I am selling, what are the question I would ask, answer them effectively on the website.

#4: Enable easy navigation on your site

The easier for consumer to find what they want to buy, the higher the chance to have a sale,

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