The Five Golden Steps To Generate Sales

#1 Reach the customer based on personal attributes.

We will be targeting based on Facebook Ads

#2 Provide the consumer with information to make a selection.

Through product page that is engaging, and also through advertise level.

We want to provide our consumer with enough facts and argument that our product is better than competitors.

#3 Provide the consumer with motivation to purchase

We will accomplish this by sales strategy, and also mentioning the perks about our business. 24/7 customer service, free shipping, and more. Remember impulse buyers are extremely motivated by these settings.

#4 Provide the consumer value during the checkout experience to sell more

Just because the consumer has selected the certain products to check out, doesn’t mean that’s the only product they can potentially buy in that session. The professional and trustworthy checkout experience on top of some sale strategy up sale can go long way boost the revenue we receive per order.

#5 Provide the customer value post-purchase to buy again from your website

Most E-Commerce Entrepreneurs focus on sales and they satisfied, that very dangerous and shortsighted thinking. There is human on the other side of experience depending how they feel about purchasing from your business, they may ask for refund, charge back or on positive event – buy again.

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