The Four Pillars of Consumer Psychology

Pillar #1: Selectivity between options

We need to understand how consumer choose business, services, and product from one another.

Pillar #2: Thoughts and emotional motivation

We need to understand what kind of thinking process both logical and emotional go on in consumer brain when they are making a decision.

You business should have emotional feel that convinces customer beyond the prices and features and products.

Pillar #3: External and Environmental Factors

Some of best advertisement are timely catch something that is going on around the world. External factors beyond our control influence customer decision making for good or for bad.

Pillar #4: Personal Attributes

Personal experiences, demographic, influencer purchasing will skyrocket you conversion.

Think about these 4 pillar of consumer psychology may influence your niche, in the future whether you are creating a advertising, developing messaging, or designing website, always look for a way to apply 4 pillars consumer psychology to what you are doing.

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