The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod | Core Message

“Our level of success will rarely exceed our level of personal development because success is something we attract by who we become” – Jim Rohn amidst all the personal development strategies online and in personal development books, there are six habits that have stood the test of time, six basic yet powerful personal developement habits that have stacked together and used to start each day will create changes in your life that author hell elrod calls miraculous.

Hel Elrod, the author of the miracle morning use the six timeless habits to find the strength to rebuild his business after the 2008 financial crisis and recover from a rare form of cancer Elrod has made the six morning habits easy to remember with the acronym “SAVERS”.

The savers are silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing, when you are in a dark place and lack the drive to get out of bed in the morning these six daily habits will be your life savers, let me show you the benefits of each of the six life savers, and show you how you can squeeze all six personal development habits into a simple morning workout.

When you wake up in the morning, put your work out clothes on, and go for a walk outside without your smartphone, instead of checking your phone, and filling your head with notification news and things you need to do, create a calm and clear mental state by performing a walking meditation for five minutes, walk in silence, and simply pay attention to the sensation of walking in your legs and feet, when a worry pops in to your head, simply return to the feeling of walking by starting your morning with a walking meditation, you establish a common peaceful reference point you can return to when the day feels noisy and chaotic, think of your morning meditation like lightling a candle, you can use to find your way back to peace of mind, when you feel anxious and stressed.

Author Hal Elrod says if you want calm clarity and peace of mind, do the opposite of what most people do, and start every morning with a period of purposeful silence, now after 5 minutes of walking of silience continue walking but now repeat an affirmation out loud with conviction for a minute, consider one transformation you want to make in your life, and phrase it as I then your name will be then state your aspirational identity, for exmaple I Jeremy will be a famous YouTuber, repeating an affirmation every morning, is like adjusting a thermostate on your life, an affirmation Prime’s your brain to believe you’re capable of more, which raises a set point on your statndards and pushes you to do the work to reach your desired setpoint, like a furnace does the work to reach a desired temperature.

Muhammad Ali known for affirming I am the greatest over and over once said it’s the repetition of affimations that leads to belief, once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen, for years Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert repeated the following affirmation to himself, I scott adams will be a successful cartoonist, in a recent blog post he wrote when I started Dilbert, i didn’t take a day off for ten years, you only work that hard if you believe something good to come from it, I did after a minutes of affirmation, stop walking close your eyes and practice a visualization for 30 seconds, visualize the work you need to do today that will help you become the person you aspire to be, see yourself like an Olympic downhill skier, visualizing the turn down the mountain by visualizing yourself, executing a task like starting a difficult project or making a difficult phone call, you make that task easier to execute later in the day, because during visualization, your brain fires and strengths the same neural circuits, you’re going to use when you complete the task.

Studies show that people who simply visualize themselves palying a piece of music on the piano, or shooting a free throw shot display nearly the same physical improvement as people who physically practiced author Hal Elrod says during the month I spent writing the miracle morning, I would visualize myself writing with ease, enjoying the creative process, free from stress fear and writer’s block, after you’ve paused for 30 seconds to visualize the work you need to do, today, get your heart rate up, by runing back home, when you increase heart rate with aerobic exercise, you trigger the release of chemicals in your brain dopamine norepinephrine, BDNF, that significantly increase your ability top focus for several hours, when a high school in Naperville Illinois, institued mandatory aerobic exercise before math science and english classes, they found that the students were not only more focused and well behaved, they were significantly smarter, after instutituting mandatory morning exercise, the average naperville student grade level incresed by a fill point on a 4 point scale.

As Plato once said in order for man to success in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity, not separately, but for the two together with these two means, man can attain perfection.

Now when you return home, after performing purposeful silence affirmations, visualizations and exercise, your brain wil be primed to learn, and grow, which makes it an optimal time to pick up a personal development book of your choice, books are the richest source of high quality curated knowledge, inside every book, there are nuggets of wisdom that will help you make progess in any area of life you’re struggling with, if you are struggling with business, pick up Lean startup, or personal MBA, and you’ll be sure to find one way to accelerate your business development process if you’re struggling with anxiety and want to be more mindful, pick up the book waking up, and discover an insight what will help you be more mindful today, whichever area of life you want to improve, go onto amazon, search that topic, and buy two highly rated books on the topic or save a few bucks by going to the library and pick up a stack of books on the topic interest, either way when you return from your morning run, you’ll have books you can skim through to find a few nuggets of wisdom to accelerate your growth.

But to make sure your newly acquired niuggets of wisdom stick, stop reading after 10 minutes and start writing or as elrod calls scribing, write down the ideas you’ve collected, and brainstorm, ways you can incorporate them into your life, if you were getting ready for a performance review with your boss and just read a negotiating book and discover a few new salary negotiation techniques, spend a few minutes running down how you plan to use those techniques during the upcoming performace review when you write down ideas and implementation plans, you dramatically increase the odds that you’ll retain and act on the nuggets of wisdom you’ve just acquired.

As author Ralph Smith once said the problem of making mental notes is that the ink fades very rapidly, so if you want to exoperience a miracle morning, start your morning with purposeful silence by going for a walk outside without your phone, then repeat in affirmation then pause and visualize the steps you need to take to become the person you aspire to be, then run home, open up a personal development book, inscribe a few ideas to accelerate your personal growth and start creating a brighter future.

As Miles Davis once said, my future starts whenI wake up every morning.

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