The Psychology of Success with Joe Polish and Peter Diamandis

I have 9-year-old child, pinching myself every day that I get to do that is extraordinary, I could not want to do anything else.

A lot of people are doing something to get to something else, that’s wrong.

Do what is your highest calling in life.

You need two skills, number 1, you need to have the science of achievement, it’s a science, you have to know how to take your vision and make it real, if you don’t know-how, you can learn from somebody who does.

The simplest thing is to get crazily hungry for something, we all know when you get so hungry, so desirous, your brain starts coming up with answers, and then it’s massive action, and effective execution, which is all modeling.

Find the best example compress the time, let someone else take 20 years to figure it out, you do it in two weeks or two months, we should all be standing on the shoulders of the people around us instead of reinventing the wheel.

I think the more important skill is the art of fulfillment, it’s is art, it’s not a science, because there’s a science to make money.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

The human brain is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to make you survive, happiness that’s your job.

I think anyone who succeeds has something that they aspire to, there’s mission, there’s direction, there is desire and they bring it up regularly, you do that regularly.

I believe that the body is the place that drives the mind the fastest, you can go inside your head all day long, trying to resolve things, and make excuses or freak out, but I learn early on in my life that in order to make myself do things, I had to trigger this body to feel strength and to know that when I say something, I mean it.

You can not be fear when you grateful, and you can not be angry when you grateful, so try to be grateful so that you have no fear and anyry.

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