The Secret to Success

80% of your success is from your mindset, 20% is from your strategy.

The biggest one in your mindset is Commitment, Setting a commitment and being committed to your goal.

People who achieve their goal has stronger lever of commitment. They have more reason to do than not to do it.

If you want something bad enough, you’re truly committed to it and you say to yourself, I will find the way or I will make the way, when you have that level of commitment of doing whatever it takes, then you will figure it out.

If you’re committed enough, you will become resourceful and you will make it happen in spite of all the challenges that are out there.

I believe that you become successful at something, you achieve your goal that ingredient of that is how bad do you want it, do you want it badly enough, if you are not achieving your goals, the simple answer, the simple reason why is that you don’t want it bad enough, you’re not willing to commit yourself to the same extent as someone else might be.

If you committed enough, then you will perservere, you will keep going in spite of whatever shows up, but if you are committed enough, then you won’t.

A lot of people set goal for themselves, they just don’t want it bad enough. It’s not a must for them, it’s a should.

When something is a must in your life, you make it happen, no matter what.

I want it, and I am committed to whatever it takes to get it. I will achieve the goal that I set for myself.

You have to have a strong enough reason to do something. To take action, you need a reason. and the reason has to be very strong.

if they don’t have that compelling reason, they are not going to stick with it.

You have to raise level of commitment, they often need to come to realization that they need help.

When you lack of motivation, always think how can you raise your comitment even further, can be investing more money, investing more time, making it higher priority in my life, or making more sacrifices.

I have to make my goal more important that I have to continue coming up more reasons and raise that level of commitment.

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