The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

In essence, every little decision matters

The little things are easy to do, when you are in your lunch break, you have choice to drink water instead of soda, anyone is capable of doing that, but since it is easy to do, it is also easy not to do and just order the soda, but what if you decide to do this little thing right? You won’t be any healthier the next day, but after a year of drinking water instead of soda every lunch, you would see huge health benefits from it.

You can apply this to anything.

What if you can just read 10 pages of good book every night before you go to bed? anyone can do that since it is pretty easy thing to do, since it is pretty easy to do, it is also pretty easy to ignore it and not do it. If you read 10 pages tonight, it’s not like you will wake up this smart, enlightened person tomorrow, but what about a year from now? That’s 15 good books

15 good books could literally turn you into a completely different person, what if you do this for 4 years at college while everyone else around you doesn’t read the 10 pages because it’s not like they’re going to be any better the next day, that’s like 60 books.

60 good books could put you ahead of every single one of your friends whether that be related to finance, relationship, or just overall happiness.

Every little decision of yours will be compounded at the end of the year, and who you are will be the result of it all

Huge lesson of taking responsibility for where you are in life.

When you get to the end of year and you’re not healthy. Having been conscious about all your little decisions will at least make you realize why you are unhealthy.

You’re no longer going to blame your poor health on how your job didn’t pay you enough to eat healthy

You are going to realize that it is because you decided to buy the soda over the free water every single day at lunch

It’s because you decided to buy the more expensive bag of cookies instead of buying the cheaper bananas every time you went shopping.

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