Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method

Change a question, change your life.

The first question is, what do I what? what is my outcome? what is my result?

The first one is to get you focused on the target, the target is not the activity, the activity can change, it’s the result I am after. If you exactly know what it is you really want, you desire, what you really after.

Clarity is power, the more clarity you are, specifically what you want, the faster your brain can get you there. But if you’re generally saying things like what I want, well I want more money, fine, here’s a dollar, get out of here. Did you achieve the outcomes? yeah, when you are that general, you think you are not getting your goal, you are.

I need to know the result that I am after before I ever ask myself what to do. That takes more time, but it is worth it.

Focus on the outcome, not the activity.

I want to get you to systematize the thinking whether you do it visually the way I am going to show you or not.

First question, what is the result I am after, what is the ultimate result what I want out of this week, out of this thing, out of my business, out of my life, out for my body, and you want to be as detail as possible when you describe that outcome and result, as clear as specific as possible.

Generalities will confuse you.

Always ask yourself 2 questions, what is the outcome you want, and how you are going to do it.

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