What is Terra? LUNA COIN

Terra was created by a Korean Blockchain company called terraform labs.

Terraform labs was incubated by the terror alliance, a conglomerate of 15 e-commerce companies in Korea and Southeast Asia.

Terraform labs was founded by Daniel shin and Doe Quan in January 2018.

TerraKRW (KRT) stablecoin that is pegged to the Korean one, KRT is used by more than a dozen applications to settle payments.

Including Chai, which boasts over 2 million users, because chia uses the terra blockchain, it is technically a decentralized application, and it actually one of the most used decentralized applications in cryptocurrency. Logging nearly 100,000 users per day.

How Terra actually work?

Terra blockchain was built using the cosmos SDK, and uses the tendermint delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Like other cosmos-based chains, terra has a limit of 100 validators.

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